Buff-bellied Hummingbird

Amazilia yucatanensis

Name root – Amazilia (Amazili, an Inca heroine in a French novel); yucatanensis meaning “of Yucatan” (location of the type specimen).

Distribution – Resident from south Texas south on the Gulf and Caribbean slopes to the Yucatan of Mexico, Guatemala and Belize.  Although most individuals migrate south in winter, a portion of the population wanders north and east to the central Gulf Coast of the US east to Florida.  Accidental at locations north and east of the described range.

Texas – Uncommon resident in south Texas and along the Gulf Coast north to the Victoria area.  Recent breeding records from Bastrop and Washington counties suggest the species is expanding it range northward.  Irregularly occurs in winter north along the upper Texas coast and inland in the eastern third of Texas, less than 150 miles from the coast.  Has been recorded north and west to Austin, San Antonio and Uvalde. Also, one undocumented report from Midland in November 1964.  One recent record from the Trans-Pecos Region; juvenile female photographed 19-20 October 2012 at the Christmas Mountains Oasis, Brewster County.  The latter record represents the farthest west record for the US.  First Texas record; before 1890 during the breeding season in Cameron County; first winter record (a specimen) from Brownsville, Cameron County on 1 January 1890.

Habitat – Tropical deciduous forests, forest edges and tropical lowlands.