Cinnamon Hummingbird

Amazilia rutila

Name root – Amazilia (Amazili, an Inca heroine in a French novel); rutila (rutilus) meaning “warm or glowing red”.

Distribution – Resident of the Pacific slopes of middle America from central Sinaloa in Mexico south to central Costa Rica; and on the Caribbean slopes in the Yucatan Peninsula south to Honduras.  There are two records for the U.S. including the first, a bird observed 21-23 July 1992 in Patagonia, Arizona.

Texas – No records.

New Mexico – A nice adult bird was observed and photographed from 18-21 September, 1993, in Santa Teresa, Dona Ana County.  The location was just across the Rio Grande from northern portions of El Paso, Texas.

Habitat – Tropical deciduous forests, secondary and gallery forests and aird lowland scrub.

Adult Cinnamon Hummingbird from Santa Teresa, NM, 21 September 1993

Another view of the second U.S. record of Cinnamon Hummingbird

View of the back and tail of the above bird