Costa’s Hummingbird

Calypte costae

Name root – Calypte from the Greek word kaluptre meaning “veil or headdress”; costae in honor of Marquis de Costa by Jules Bourcier.

Distribution – Breeds from central California east through southern Nevada and Utah, south to Baja California and extreme northern Sonora.  Winters from the southern portions of its breeding range south through Mexico to Sinaloa and Nayarit and ocassionally east to western Texas.  Accidental in areas north of its normal range.

Texas – Primarily a rare to accidental fall migrant and winter visitor to the Trans-Pecos region of the State.  Most of the records are from El Paso at the western edge of the State and Terlingua Ranch in southern Brewster County.  Only one summer record, an adult male in the heart of the Davis Mountains, Jeff Davis County from 10 June through 1 September 2001.  Twenty-five total accepted records for the Trans-Pecos Region with eight records outside of the region; 21-24 January 1988 in Kingsville (Kleberg County), 17-21 December 2001 in Matagora (Matagora County), an adult male captured and banded on 15 September 2006 in Rockport (Aransas County), 18-19 December 2006 in Port O’Connor (Calhoun County), 28 December 2006 through 20 February 2007 in Hudson Oaks (Parker County), 17 November through 15 December 2008 in Dripping Springs (Hays County), and the first Texas record, 6 February to 2 March 1974 in San Marcos, Hays County.

Habitat – Desert and semi-desert scrub, chaparral and riparian habitat associated with desert arroyos.

Adult female Costa's Hummingbird in Terlingua Ranch near Willow Mountain on November 23, 2010. This is the same individual that has wintered at this location for the past two years. (Carolyn Ohl-Johnson)

The above individual feeding on Ocotillo on November 9, 2010. Despite lack of recent rains, blooms were abundant in the Terlingua area in the late fall of 2010 (Carolyn Ohl-Johnson).

Another photograph of the above individual on November 15, 2010 (Carolyn Ohl-Johnson).

Same as above.

Immature male Costa's Hummingbird in the Chirstmas Mountains, 19 October 2008

View of back and tail of the above immature male Costa's Hummingbird

Adult female Costa's Hummingbird banded 29 October 2009 in Terlingua Ranch