Green Violet-ear

Colibri thalassinus

Name root – Colibri meaning “hummingbird”; thalassinus meaning “color of the sea”.

DistributionResident from north central Mexico south to western Panama.   Also found in South America.  Rare but regular visitor to Texas with a few records from adjacent states.  Has been recorded north to Ontario and east to North Carolina.

Texas – Rare but annual visitor primarily to south Texas and the Hill Country.  There are two records each for the Pineywoods of east Texas, the upper Texas Coast and the Trans-Pecos; there is one record for north Texas.  Records range from April to October; however, most occur from mid-May through July.  As of 2012 there were 72 documented records for Texas.  First Texas record; 11 July 1961, Santa Ana NWR, Hidalgo County by R. J. Fleetwood.

Habitat – Primarily seconday forest and second-growth scrub.

Adult Green Violet-ear by Mark Lockwood